Your Neck, Telomeres, and Aging

You may know that a telomere is the end portion of DNA strands. They are sometimes described as the plastic wrapping at either end of a shoe lace that keeps the fibers from fraying. You may also know that telomere length is thought to be an indicator of our speed of aging. Longer telomeres protect the DNA and chromosomes through more cell replications because we use up a bit of telomere each time our cells copy themselves. So longer is better.

A recent study added to the growing evidence that chiropractic management of the spine can lengthen telomeres which is thought to slow our aging process. The subject in this study was a 35 year old woman who was treated with chiropractic after being injured in a car accident. She was assessed with blood work and x-rays to determine pre-treatment telomere length and to discover she was lacking the normal curve needed for a healthy neck (cervical spine). Following 36 chiropractic sessions, new x-rays revealed the normal cervical curve had been restored and blood testing showed an increase in telomere length.

We routinely take x-rays at Body Focus to assess the condition of the spine, including the cervical region. There are numerous reasons to address a lack of normal cervical curvature and until now arthritis, pain, and nerve function have been part of our conversation but not telomere length and anti-aging. That changes today. The more you know…

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