What To Do If You Fall or Have Any Other Injury

As we live our lives our body must tolerate an innumerable number of jars, smashes, and over exertions. This is normal and we don’t want to live in a glass bubble. But the way our body ages and our risk of having spine or nerve problems is dependent upon the skeletal system returning to normal function after a strain or trauma. When we slip on wet ground, walk into a clean glass door, or lift that surprisingly heavy Amazon box we frequently misalign joints. If these subluxations (misalignments) are not corrected, they slowly wear out our spinal discs, cause arthritic bone spurs, and create pressure on nerves which prevents them from doing their critically necessary jobs.

The longer a subluxation exists, the more permanent it becomes and the more damage it causes. Think of anyone you know who suffers with carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis. These conditions usually take time to develop and yield symptoms. If the original causative event was properly addressed (naturally and effectively with chiropractic) soon after it occurred, healing was highly likely and the symptoms probably would not have ever developed. The moral of the story is to come get checked and have an adjustment as soon as possible after any type of injury. Meds for pain and inflammation will do absolutely nothing to prevent the cascade of problems that will make themselves known in the months or years ahead. When I severely injured my back doing dead lifts I quickly got to my chiropractor. I knew the kind of injury I’d just sustained would result in slowly degenerating my spine and I was not going to allow that in my future.

I was prompted to write this now as I look out my window at the sheets of rain coming down. Lots of people slip in this weather, not to mention the car accidents and other injuries that occur. But injuries and accidents happen in all seasons so apply this general rule year round. If you get hurt, even if it seems pretty minor, come in so we can check it out and adjust you while we still have an excellent chance of restoring things back to normal.

Be safe and be sure to take care of yourself.


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