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Living with lower back pain isn’t something you have to get used to — nor do you always have to take medications to control it. At Body Focus Health Center in the Financial District of San Francisco, California, expert chiropractor Harris Meyer, DC can create a custom treatment plan to eliminate back pain and prevent it from returning.

Lower Back Pain Q & A

Why do I have lower back pain?

One of the most common causes of lower back pain is trauma. Having a bad fall, automobile accident, sports injury, or other type of accident, can all strain your lower back. You can be left with sprains or strains, or even a herniated disc. Lower back pain is sometimes just a natural part of aging. Over time, the rubbery cushioning discs between your vertebrae start breaking down. This condition is known as intervertebral disc degeneration. Because lower back pain can come from narrowing of your spinal cord or spinal irregularities, it’s important to have a thorough checkup with a provider who has extensive training in spinal abnormalities, like Dr. Meyer.

How is lower back pain diagnosed?

Start writing down your lower back pain symptoms before your first appointment. Make note of when your pain occurs, what makes it worse, and even what makes it better. This is all information that Dr. Meyer will want to know. He’ll talk with you about your symptoms and provide a thorough examination. It’s likely that he’ll want to take an X-ray of your lower back during your appointment, so he can get a current view of what’s going on. After evaluating your symptoms and your movements and looking over your imaging, Dr. Meyer can let you know about your diagnosis.

What is the treatment for lower back pain?

Dr. Meyer will create a custom treatment plan designed only for you. Often, you’ll start by coming in two to three times per week for manual chiropractic adjustments. This allows Dr. Meyer to properly align your vertebrae and joints, so your lower back (and entire body) can start healing. He’ll probably provide some soft tissue treatments during these sessions, too. Ultrasound, cold laser therapy, massage therapy, and static stretching are some of the soft tissue treatments that can help relieve your lower back pain and get you healed. 

Since Dr. Meyer is a wellness expert, he’ll likely counsel you on your diet. You’ll need to cut back on foods that increase inflammation while packing your diet full of antioxidant-rich foods that can decrease inflammation. He’ll even work with you if you need to take dietary supplements or lose weight. All of these treatments combined get you to a healthier state, so you won’t have to live another day with lower back pain.





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