Help For Shoulder Pain

Shoulder injury is a condition we frequently see and treat in our office. Recently we’ve had more patients than ever with shoulder problems and some of them have no history of any actual injury. The shoulder is the most flexible joint in the body and is therefore susceptible to a wide variety of problems. More injuries involve the shoulder than almost any other body part.

The structure of the shoulder is comprised of two joints, a host of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Of course there are nerves and blood vessels as well. We use our arms and therefore shoulders so much throughout the day that it can be a real challenge to rest them when needed.

There are many considerations when we evaluate a shoulder problem. Age, lifestyle, history of injuries and more are taken into account. The examination will include assessing motion, strength, sensation, and more. We rely on x-ray, MRI, or other diagnostic studies as needed. Once a working diagnosis is established, the greatest factor in successful healing is adherence to our treatment protocol.

We typically enjoy great results using a combination of manual treatment of the shoulder and appropriate exercises. We may include various therapies as indicated. Chiropractic is ideal for a majority of shoulder problems and we have spared many patients from invasive surgeries as our treatment corrected the problem. Like most conditions, earlier intervention usually means shorter healing time. Our current shoulder-problem patients range from recent traumatic injuries to long-standing chronic pain to frozen shoulder to nerve entrapment. Whether your shoulder issue is related to sports, overuse, some other acute injury or no identifiable cause, it is very likely we’ll be able to help. When appropriate, we refer to orthopedists and surgeons whom we know to be very skilled in their specialty.

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