Don’t be caught with your pants down!

Do you have Med Pay? What’s Med Pay, you ask?

If you have a car accident and your car insurance has a special rider called Med Pay, your medical bills will be paid while you’re being treated for any injuries. Without exception, my patients who do have Med Pay have had the easiest time and MUCH LESS STRESS after a car accident. Their medical bills all got paid with no waiting.

But ask my newest injury patients who do NOT have Med Pay about their experience and they’ll tell you they’re stressed, and always worried about the growing treatment bills they have. We require our patients without Med Pay to retain a lawyer which costs more and adds complexity to the injury case. It is often a two year waiting process after your treatment finishes for the legal process to complete and to get a settlement. Patients and doctor are never happy during this period.

I would never be without Med Pay (it’s about $10 per month) on my own family vehicles. It protects every person in the car when the accident happens. Protect yourself and call your insurance company today to make sure you have this rider. Don’t get caught with your proverbial pants down by not having this protection when it’s needed. Being hurt, having lots of chiropractic appointments to get to, missing work, and dealing with pain are more than enough. Worrying about medical bills, attorneys, and fighting with insurance companies is a misery to add in. You’ll avoid all of it if you have Med Pay. Call your insurance company and get the rider today!

Harris Meyer, DC

Body Focus Health Center


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