Can We Have Pain Relief Without Damaging Side Effects?

Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, Naproxen, and aspirin are all over the counter pain and/or inflammation reducers and thank goodness we have such products because sometimes they can be the best choice. However, for the vast majority of us, most of our aches and pains can be managed quite effectively with products that aren’t synthetic chemicals and have almost no risky side effects. The ease of access to drugs for everything that ails us makes it very tempting to grab them without giving it a second thought. We live in a time when INSTANT RESULTS is the mantra. We want our choice of food…NOW. We want the answer to a question…NOW. We want symptoms gone…NOW. Just as you can overrun your headlights by driving too fast on dark roads and risk tragedy, the INSTANT syndrome has many negatives for us where a gentler, more cautious approach doesn’t.

I recently injured my own back and to avoid being confined to home for any longer than necessary, I used all the tools in my tool box. Even if I’d had an acute episode of I WANT IT NOWness, I didn’t have a single pain medicine in the cabinet. I did however have my three favorites: boswelia, turmeric, and ginger. There are lots of herbs, vitamins, and homeopathics that are effective for pain and inflammation so if you have your own favorites that work, there’s no need to change. I just can’t speak to the safety and effectiveness of any others for the purpose of this blog entry. With high doses of those three supplements I was able to reduce the inflammation and severe pain so I could resume normal life in a few days.

Pros of natural supplements for pain and swelling

Exceedingly safe

Support your body’s natural health and healing

Easy to get

Very effective

Pros of meds for pain and swelling

Fast acting if they work for you

Available everywhere


Negatives of natural supplements for pain and swelling

Sometimes (not always) slower to act

More expensive

Best quality supps not available everywhere


Negatives of meds for pain and swelling

Toxic to liver, kidneys, gut, brain

Easy to overdose, Risk of death

Sledgehammer effect/Inhibits healing

Supporting big pharma

I recommend everyone have these supplements in their vitamin cabinet at home to use whenever the need arises. With very little planning and effort, you can have high quality, safe products at the ready.

I invite you to contact me if you have specific questions about using supplements for pain relief. Share this info with others. Thanks for reading.

Dr. Harris Meyer

Chiropractic and Nutrition

Body Focus Health Center


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