Anti Aging

There are so many factors that contribute to how quickly or slowly we age. We know that more people than ever are afflicted with diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and the long list of other chronic degenerative illnesses. When we notice a person who seems to move with rigidity and can’t fully turn their head when you call their name, this is evidence of spinal aging.

It can’t be denied that genetics plays a part in our life experience but just because everyone else in your blood line has heart disease doesn’t mean you must join that club. Our health and how we age is said to be 75-90% under the control of our lifestyle, and the remainder is genetics. If everyone in the family has eaten a similar diet and had a similar degree of physical activity, that lifestyle will most likely perpetuate. However, when a family member veers off from that common course we typically find they don’t experience the same illnesses or to the same extent. We truly can prevent fatty liver, diabetes, etc. and enjoy the great feeling of good health.

When it comes to the spine, it’s primarily lack of activity or poorly functioning joints that cause the aging. The spine houses the spinal cord which is critical for most operations of the nervous system. If the spine loses its key function of motion, this causes aging of the bone and joints but also places unrelenting stress on the nerves that control every function in the body. You can be that a person who is stuck in a slouched bent over position not only has back or neck pain but also has other serious health problems.

Is it ever too late to have chiropractic care? People often tell me they already have arthritis or damaged discs and therefore it’s too late to be helped with chiropractic. Not true. People in advanced states need natural chiropractic care more than anyone else. The treatment just has to be applied differently. We do lots more than give adjustments but those are so key to preserving or improving normal joint motion and reducing the constant stress on our nervous system. Eating more vegetables and fruit along with less processed and sugary food has a tremendous positive effect on many health aspects that determine aging and disease risk. Keeping a well adjusted spine and incorporating appropriate exercise regularly has a very beneficial effect on how your body feels, how you look, and how well your nervous system is able to take care of your needs. Incorporating these steps slows the aging process and helps us to stay well as the years pass by.


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